• It is the face of the whole core module.
  • Graphical representation of the Organization Structure like departments and positions of staffs, crew assigned with Yachts, annual guest count, etc.
  • Trips information and other important statistics.



  • Add, delete or manage users and their information as per the category
  • Apply multiple User Permission
  • Full or partial access could be provided to different Users for core module, maintenance control and documentation management.



  • Add, remove and manage crew members information, their department (Interior, deck, engine room, etc.), their positions (Chef, Stewardess, Chief mate, etc.), active/inactive status and onboarding information.
  • Assign and de-assign Yachts for each crew member with yacht name, purpose (commercial or private), IMO number and Voyage number.
  • Export all the crew members information of each Yacht PDF formats.



  • Add, remove and manage guest and store information like name, email, passport ID, Contact, Nationality, Status etc.
  • As guest are not permanent members so admin can assign and de-assign Yachts for each guest as per need with IMO and Voyage information.
  • Export guest list in PDF format including guest information and Yacht’s MMSI number, Flag State, emergency, IMO, and voyage number with date, time and signature section for authorities.



  • Create new contacts under categories with name, contact, mail ID, social portfolio and links.
  • Admin can edit profile of members created under each category and can also change the category of each member.
  • List and Grid view are available to see all contacts and a search bar is also given to find the required contact.



  • Add any number of Yachts with deep information like name, IMO, MMSI, voyage, and Official numbers, private and commercial Yacht categories, Flag State, etc.
  • Admin can also add profile pics and detailed description for each Yacht.
  • Search, edit or delete partial or whole record of any Yacht.



  • Add Voyages, assign Yachts to these trips, define arrival and departure time and ports.
  • Invite or add guests and crews for each trip, assign Yachts to them with department, position and status.
  • Export information of crews and guests assigned to a yacht for each trip.


  • Add any number of new parent positions or positions under parent category within a selected department.
  • Upload a logo and hierarchy for each position like Head Chef, Stewardess, Chief Mate, Engineer, Chief officer, etc.



  • Admin can add any number of new departments with detail description.
  • Search, edit, update or delete department and related information.


  • Inherited, allowed and denied permissions can be assigned on three levels; Core, Maintenance and Documentation.
  • All these permissions can be separately applied on different User groups.
  • At core level permission can be applied for user, user groups, yachts, crews, etc.
  • At maintenance level permissions are assigned for tasks and equipments.
  • For documentation permissions can be applicable on My Drive and its folders, resource files, and Trash.


Use Groups

  • Add new user groups like public, owner, officer, manager, administrator, and deck and delete existing ones.
  • Add sub category under parent user group and define limited permission with organizational structure.


  • State, maritime state and cities can be added separately under the country selected.
  • Admin can upload flags for the states and maritime states.



  • Particular position can be assigned from the pool of positions to manage the regions defined in settings.
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